canovate Micro Datacenter Indoor Use

Micro Data Center

Indoor Use                                              

  • Micro Plug & Play datacenter including cooling, fire suppression, monitoring, power management and protection
  • Stand-alone datacenter
  • Eliminates raised floor and external cooling equipment requirements
  • Individual rack cooling up to 4 kW
  • High level security with in rack fire protection and monitoring systems
  • Advanced power management enabled by IP PDU and UPS systems
  • Install datacenter where you want and need it
  • Rapid deployment in 4-6 weeks from plan to start-up
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • EMS (Environmental Monitoring System)
  • DCIM option
  • IP PDU
  • UPS
  • Fire Detection/Extinguishing system (2U)
  • Protection Grade:IP54
Applications :

Datacenter for small companies, Branch offices of banks
Hospitals, Storage of personal data like lawyer, doctors
Insurance Companies and other enterprises, Remote installations
Temporary installation, Mobile applications