FO Outdoor wbGGT HP / A-DQ(ZN)B2Y

HighP, 2-layer


metal-free, dry interstices, 
longitudinally watertight, rodent protection


1 ≤ 24 fibres
2 Swelling tape
3 Loose tube
4 Glass armour
5 Ripcord
6 HDPE sheath


Compact fibre optic outdoor cable with up to 576 fibres for city and access networks.  
2-layer loose tube construction, longitudinally water protected and with dry strand interstices. 
The glass armour provides for a combined non-metallic rodent protection and strain relief.
The two coloured ripcords are easy to identify and enable the safe opening of the cable sheath.
HDPE cable sheath, easy to lay. 
Direct burial.