FO Universal ZGGFR Safety / U-DQ(ZN)BH

Safety cable E30


metal-free, water resistant, rodent protection, 
in accordance with IEC 60332.1 and IEC 60332.3 C
30 minutes System Circuit Integrity according to DIN 4102-12


1 ≤ 12 fibres
2 Flame retardant protective coating
3 Glass armour
4 Ripcord
5 FR/LS0H sheath


Metal-free fibre optic safety cable with one central loose tube, up to 12 fibres. 
The optimal combination of flame retardant fibre coating and flame-inhibiting stabilizing elements ensures enhanced functional integrity (System Circuit Integrity) in case of fire for 30 minutes (transmission of audio, video and 1Gbit/s signals approved by a certified test report).